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I want when user enter start date and end date and click on submit button then display the list of all the dates between two dates in column ?? As shown in picture..
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A way how this could be achieved: 

I would create a page with an entity called DateSearcher. This entity has a start and endate. And has an association to the Date entity.

On this page you create a start- and endate field which the user can fill and a microflow button. Beneath the button you place (for example) a datagrid with the association from the DateSearcher to the Date entity. When the user presses the microflow button a microflow will go off which retrieves all the Date entities between which are in between the filled in start- and endate and associates these with the DateSearcher entity. That way these Dates are shown on the page in your datagrid.

I hope this is a good example which will help you create your desired functionality. Let me know if you have any further questions.