No event handlers for non-persistable entities in Studio Pro (beta 2)

I cannot add any kind of event handlers in Studio Pro (8.0.0 beta 2). When making the entity persistable it works (after closing and re-opening the page).   When I make the entity persistable, add an event handler, and make it non-persistable again the event handler is stored and actually working. (This work-around does not work so well when you already have specified an Entity to inherit from, which itself is marked as non-persistable.) This works without any work-around in the Desktop Modeler (7.23). Is this a bug in Studio Pro?
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The fact that you required workaround for this to work in an older version should already tell you that this is unwanted behaviour.

This was a bug before Mx 8 and has now been resolved. If you would like to have event handlers for NPE's you may always request that on the idea forum. Personally I would say stay as far away from event handlers as possible unless you have a very good reason.