Mendix Chart Widgets (context and source data)

Use Case Trying to create a homepage dashboard of fairly basic charts to replace the deprecated flash charts. Chart Types – bar charts Source Data – previously, in the deprecated chart widgets, I only needed to create data sets of: - Region and count of Clients - Region and count of Cases   Issues with New Mendix Chart Widgets It seems the chart widget needs to be placed in a data view. However: - the data view object doesn’t need to match the entity specified in the chart widget. - I can’t simply directly choose an entity for the data view – I get an (expected) error that “the page expects an object of type ‘xxx’ which is not available”, so I create the object and instantiate it in a microflow. But the microflow is only returning a single object, whereas the chart is reporting on all objects for an entity (unless otherwise constrained). This works, but it can’t be right... I have to believe there is a more straightforward way to create a chart: - I’ve looked at the user guide doc and sample reports at, but what would really help would be a sample package that shows the linkage between entities and the chart specs. I tried installing testproject from githib, but I’m getting a missing package.xml error… - is there any doc that specifies the setup of the context (e.g. data view) needed to support a chart (everything I’ve seen focuses on the chart config itself). Thanks!
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The dataview is normally used to specify the parent object to constrain the data that is collected in each series.

See an example below.