Search date range in datagrid - after closing page search criteria changes and is incorrect

Hi, I have 2 search filters in my datagrid. One for expDate >= and one for expDate <= The search works fine. However, if I open one of my search results and then cancel (no edits), both date search fields then show as the same. For example, if I enter expDate >= 7/1/2019 and expDate <= 7/6/2019, search, open a result and then close it my search fields then both show 7/6/2019. Thanks, Tracy
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Seems to be a bug to me, please create a small reproduction case and open a support ticket for this.


Hi Tracy,

I’ve ran into this issue before on previous projects and agree with Erwin this is a Mendix bug worth opening a ticket for. We got around this by messing with the navigation/refresh of pages but I don’t recommend that route as you lose the filters previously implemented on your grid.