7.23.6 crashes very often when switching between domain models

I'm attempting update a project to the latest version, but 7.23.6 doesn't seem to be very stable. I've had 2 different projects now that have had these errors inside the modeler.   Is there anyone at R&D or Mendix that could elaborate on the issue hidden in 7.23.6 and whether it will be receiving a fix shortly? And to other developers have you seen this error in lower versions of 7.23? Interestingly enough I tried the upgrade in a branch first, going from 7.11 → 7.23.5 → 7.23.6 and then all the modules seem to be healthy.  
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There is a bug in the drawing code of the domain model editor. It only occurs when you have associations of length zero. Yes, it is a division by zero :( 

For more information and a hot fix, see my answer here: https://forum.mendix.com/link/questions/94784