Image size/aspect ratio

Hi I’ve been trying to work out a way to get all images uploaded (by a user) in an app to show as the same size and shape without impacting the aspect ratio (like they do with the profile photos we set in here for ourselves). I don’t know if this means the user will need to be able to adjust which part of the photo is cropped as I expect cropping will be necessary for this to work. As you’ll see from the screen shot below there are multiple images and they’re not a standard size. I’ve tried a few different things but nothing seems to be working for me – can anyone help please?  
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I would look at using the image crop widget:

You can enforce an aspect ratio to make sure all profile images look the same. I think this is what mendix uses in our profile image upload flow.


Is there an automated command in CSS or other modules to crop the image automatically?

I have the same problem and I want to get squared images. The squared images is only be used for showing thumbnails. The original picture should not be resized becuse it is required for other purposes.

I am really glad, if someone faced the same issue and have a great solution.

Thank you!