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Hi, I’m new to Mendix and would appreciate some help. Could you direct me to a help doc that describes the process for linking from a data list to a new data view page that shows details of a single object from the list. How do I pass the object id to identify the object to be shown.   Thanks for your help. Thank you Wout, I will run through this course. Your solution works well and I have it implemented for some screens. What I was trying to do, but not sure if it’s possible, was link a particular attribute in a listview to a new page. Please see below … This is my simple Domain Model, I want to make the speaker enumeration in the listview clickable (not editable)     that then links to a data view of the speaker, showing their image and read only data. Is this possible please?  
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Hi Gareth!

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I advice you to follow the completely learning path of a Rapid Developer: 

Your question is about linking listview items to another page. 
In your listview you can add: On Click → Show a Page.

On this page you can add a Data View with as Data Source “Context"
The objects are linked automatically.

Example of list view:


Example of Detail page:


Make the action of button ‘Amend’ open a page Speaker_NewEdit. On that page you will have a Dataview with as datasource a page parameter (just drag Dataview on the page, it will do it for you) and make the ‘Amend’-button pass along the object Speaker.