Integrating REST services using Javascript actions

Our Mendix application is largely based on integrating an external REST (well, JSON) API. As such, pretty much our whole domain model is made up of non-persistent entities and we have many microflows for calling the REST services. Separately  we have also developed a rich Javascript client for this REST API based on Mobx/mobx-state-tree and the Fetch API.   Since Mendix 8 we can write Javascript actions and we are considering shifting all the data fetching logic to the browser by integrating our JS client. Would there be any disadvantages / gotchas to this approach?
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Other than losing a bunch of functionality Mx has worked out for you I do not see a reason not too. I would weigh the benefits vs the cons though.  As I do think you would lose speed in developement especially if only a small part of your team is capable of handling the JS custom code.