Can I still use Koala for SASS when customizing a theme in Mendix 8?

I have been working on a project in Mendix 7 for a number of months and have customized the theme by editing the .scss in the theme/styles/sass/custom folder. I am upgrading the project to Mendix 8 and the custom theming has changed, I have followed the troubleshooting guide and I have it working but I have found that when I make a change to the .scss files it often doesn’t get deployed when I run locally. I always used Koala with Mendix 7, it’s very easy, you just open it pointed at the project folder and it just works. In Mendix 8 it doesn’t work any more – I found this doc and I have used the ux-theming Gulp setup that is described – and it works. That’s more hassle than just opening Koala though, so can anyone help with what I’d need to change to get it working again with Koala?  
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Hi Sean, 

I installed Koala and added my Mendix 8 Test-main project directory and it automatically picked up my input and output source as displayed in screenshot below. I made a change in Sass file and they got compiled and worked as expected. Please can you make sure your input and output source folders are setup correctly as displayed below?

Hope this helps!