Academy Going Mobile 10.3.1

at point 12 onwards i do not understand how i should proceed. The Event list Detail layout looks completely different than it is in the tutorial. See how it looks for me? What did i do wrong?  
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Are you referring to this lecture:


There is a number of steps that you did differently, like the title and the button captions that you have not changed, but most importantly you have not given your Datagrid a data source. That is where it now says “Unknown”. Doubleclick that, select the entity you need and have Mendix automatically fill it with the attributes for you.

By the way, since you are trying this n version 8, you migth try this one too:



thanks for the help.


However i tried this before. Also in the tutorial it says: On the pop-up message, click No. You don’t want to allow Mendix Studio Pro to automatically fill the contents of the data view, or you will lose the Event List Detail layout.So if i click NO i get an empty dataview. If i click YES i get the following.

The Layout wil not “merge”.

Can it be that it does not work with the 8.0 version?

I will try your link to the version 8 Module. But i could not test it so far.