Using NPE as Reference Selector

Hello Experts, I have a use case where, I need to provide a drop down list that is fetched from external database. I am not supposed to save the data list in Mendix. After user selects one entry from drop down, it will be stored as one of the attribute in main entity. I am trying to use NPE for this purpose, but Studio Pro has restriction on using association for NPE. It says, it should start from NPE and must have Default owner.   Let me know if you can suggest any alternative solution or approach. I even dont understand how below association will work?
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You can use another NPE inbetween which has a reference to your MainEntity and to your DropDownFromExt.

Instead of using the MainEntity in a dataview you use the Connector entity:

I.e. create new Connector entity with reference to MainEntity and show that in a page.

When you trigger an action from that page you pass the Connector entity. From that you can retrieve your MainEntity and the selected entity and do whatever processing is needed.

regards, Fabian