How to ignore a subfolder?

I added a small node utility to the project but I do not wish to commit all the temporary files to the team server. My project structure is: / deployment / releases ​​​​​​​/ resources / userlib / tools / tools / FunctionAPI / Katalon / / tools / FunctionAPI / Katalon / node_modules / tools / FunctionAPI / Katalon / src other folders and files ommited By default mendix ignores the deployment and release directory. You can see this easily in the svn ignore property I tried to add the node_modules in a similar way without success: As you can see Mendix still treats them as new files Next I experimented with different syntax such as: node_modules * node_modules\* node_modules/* tools\FunctionAPIClients\Katalon\node_modules tools\FunctionAPIClients\Katalon\node_modules\ tools\FunctionAPIClients\Katalon\node_modules\* tools/FunctionAPIClients/Katalon/node_modules None of the above worked. Then I read that the ignore property does not propagate so it needs to be set on the parent folder – So I moved the property to the folder Katalon which is the parent folder of node modules Still Mendix wants to commit the files under node_modules. Wen I check with TortoiseSVN it says that the folder is ignored What am I missing? Has anyone every had success with ignoring a subfolder in Mendix? Any ideas are welcomed!
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For those struggling with the same problem. Here is how to ignore a subfolder.

First of all you will need to install tortoise as suggested in the system requirements –

Lets assume that project structure looks like this:

- deployment
- releases
​​​​​​​- resources
- userlib
- tools
- nodeUtility
  - node_modules
  - src

*other folders and files omitted

and you want to ignore the folder node_modules inside NodeUtility, but keep the src folder.

In explorer open the root folder of the project then right click on an empty space in the folder and open TortoiseSVN > Properties

Open the svn:ignore property

Finally add the following line to it


Note that the slashes are always UNIX style even if you are on windows and that there are no leading or trailing slashes or asterix

This will ignore the NodeUtility \ node_modules folder and any directories or files in that folder

IMPORTANT: When committing from Mendix the tab changes on disk will show the ignored files. This is an error in the Mendix UI. The files will not be committed which you can confirm by downloading a fresh copy of the model.

Hope this helps,