Pluggable widget shared data - how to trigger update?

I have two react pluggable widgets which get passed the same string property from a domain model entity (which is passed as the page parameter). Lets call this property `string1`. Widget1 is a dropdown which calls `setValue` on `string1` when the dropdown selection changes.  Widget2 simply takes `string1` as its input and displays it.   I was hoping that simply calling `this.props.string1.setValue` in Widget1 would be enough to trigger an update in Widget2, but nothing seems to happen. Is this kind of communication possible and if so what am I missing?    
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Hi James,

This should work. Attributes automatically are subscribed to changes. In Custom dojo widgets you needed to subscribe, but for Pluggable widget you dont need to do anything

Can you share some code, to see what might be the cause of this?

Cheers, Andries


Hi Andries!

I discovered the problem and in fact it does work a charm :)

Though I had added read/write permissions to the attribute in the data model, the ‘data view’ was not checked as ‘edit’

Silly mistake by me!