List of errors that wont go away

Hi, i have a few errors that i cannot get rid of. does anyone have any idea on how to solve any of the below: - Empty Question. [English, United Kingdom] - Empty proceed button caption. [English, United Kingdom] - Empty cancel button caption. [English, United Kingdom] - Empty caption. [English, United Kingdom] all of the caption errors do have captions and i am getting these errors for 2 of my pages
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Did you change the modeler language from English, United States to English, United Kingdom add the buttons and then change it back.

For some reason i’ve had the same issue before. I had to change the language back, i could then change the captions, change the language back again and the error went.

Hope this helps



For anyone else that didn’t find this right away. Open the button causing the errors, check the microflow settings by pressing Edit. Remove <> from the Question, Proceed and Caption attributes there.