Feedback item screen image?

When I user (and i during testing) create a feedback item an screen is included, When I handle the item it shows in the back when I convert feedback tot an item(story) , then… the screen does not show in the modeler when I refresh, i have to go to the feedback item to understand the feedback, why does feedback screen not show in the modeller? Is this a feature of maybe a bug?
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Nor a feature, nor a bug.

The sprinter story integration in Mendix is limited to the story, description, type, status and a related page if related to an feedback item. Discussions, images, documents are not included.


But the related page does not show up anymore in Mendix Studio Pro… thats very strange because it always did. So to sequence I use is:

users makes an feedback item, page is included automatically for them, thats configured in the widget

I go most of the days to the project page and handle the feedback by accepting it and put it in the backlog of  the project or current sprint as a story. The created stoty DOES contain the image...

Then I go to modeler and refresh the stories

The item shows up but NOT the screen image (and link) anymore..