hide/show custom paging buttons in data view

In the app I’m working on I have a dashboard page which retrieves the latest hit in a list through a microflow and shows the information in a Data view. I configured custom paging buttons to retrieve previous or next hits on a custom autonumber attribute. Now my issue is is that I can’t seem to figure out how to hide a previous/next button when it reaches the bottom or top of the list. What is the best way to tackle this problem?   See the screen grab for a quick look of the top of the data view of said dashboard.  
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You could add a boolean for “IsFirst” and “IsLast” to your TrainingSessionDataSet entity and work out if it is first or last in the microflow and change the TrainingSessionDataSet object before opening the page.

You can then use the visibility feature based on expression to show the back button where IsFirst is not true.
And do a similar thing for the forward button but where IsLast is not true.

Something similar to the following:

If this is not what you meant then apologies for the confusion on my part.