Extracted Sub-Microflow committed empty

I'm facing issue with current Mendix Studio Pro (8+). When extracting microflow and committing change it happened (several times) that sub microflow was committed empty.   I observed this in ver. 8.0 for the first time. We realized that when colleague working on the same project made an update and he got errors. When I duplicate the (team server empty) microflow, delete the original one and rename duplicated back again, the commit was ok. Later on when we try to find out if it's on server side (team server) or client side (Studio Pro), we've found after restarting Studio Pro the problematic microflow was empty (of course I duplicated it prior restarting) Now the same issue happened to my colleague, unfortunately we found out that after she closed her Studio Pro so all the work in sub microflows was gone.   Did anyone experience such issues?
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Hi Michal,

  I have been testing the sub-microflow extraction process in 8.0 this morning, and I am unable to re-create your issue. It could be I haven’t replicated your circumstances exactly. This sounds like it may be a product bug, so you should create a support ticket at support.mendix.com and attach your project to the ticket so the dev team can have a look.


Now it's a known bug of Mendix Studio Pro

(From release notes v8.2)

Known Issues
When you use the Extract sub-nanofow or Extract sub-microflow functionality, the contents of the extracted flow might be lost after exiting Studio Pro. As a workaround, open the extracted flow, make a small change (for example, change the position of an activity), then save manually. (Ticket 88764)