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Hello, As I am very new to Mendix platform, can anyone please help me to sort out below queries: What is the difference between Mendix modeller and Mendix Studio ?   I have to work with different versions of Mendix projects; should I install multiple versions of Studio / Modeller ?                3. What are the difference between Mendix studio and Studio Pro ?   Thank you in advance!
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Hi Iqbal,


  1. The Mendix Studio used to be called the web modeler and Mendix Studio Pro used to be called the Mendix modeler.
  2. Yes, you can install multiple versions of Mendix Studio pro on your computer when you work on multiple projects in different versions.
  3. Mendix studio pro is installed on your computer and allows you to run your project locally. Mendix Studio is accessed through your web browser and is connected to the sand box environment, all changes will be published to the sand box environment.


Hope this helps!


To add on Austin’s answer: The following page explains the positioning of Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro: