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Where do I submit bugs for Studio Pro?  Selecting Project->Commit causes this to go on and on for over 30 mins: Now I have to terminate the app.  Last time I did that some files shifted around and the state of the project was in many errors so I had to restart. This is my first experience with it for a real app and so far it’s not a good impression (besides the fact there is no easy way to simply upload and replace an existing image). Using v8.1.1 (Which is not in your selection below BTW) on Win 10 . What I think happened:  There were errors, but I was committing anyhow.  I think another window was SUPPOSED to pop up and warn me of errors (before committing) and either it did not, or the alert prompt ended up behind all the other windows.  After I terminated the process and tried again I got the prompt and it worked.  It seems the prompt due to pending unresolved errors is buggy.
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You can report bugs by sending a mail to



You can also create a bug report on the page.


I have encountered one like this on a test pc last week. Everything worked except commits. Did not matter from which account. I never found the cause but installing windows again did solve it. The cause is a mystery though.