PLEASE HELP! Swipe Gesture for opening sidebar menu

Hello I’m new to Mendix and a first year engineering student looking to develop a low-code hybrid-mobile application using Mendix. Does anybody know if it’s possible to implement a swipe gesture? So that when the user swipes right on the page the sidebar context menu opens? Please could somebody help me? Any help is invaluable to my learning.
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Hi I’ve had a look on the Mendix Appstore but couldn’t find anything useful – there are only 5 results including TabSwipe and ListView Swipe. Both of these require widgets which is only useful if you want a specific area of the app to support gestures – not the entire webpage. 

I wanted my app to open the sidebar when the user swipes right on any part of the screen – something Mendix doesn’t currently support (or any third party app from the app store).

My solution was to include an external javascript file from Github and modify the index.html file to support this functionality. Please find the screenshots below: