Project build steps

Hi  Trying to understand why to build a large project is getting slower and wonder if anyone knows what some of the steps of a build are and what can be done to help optimise  Here are the main steps and what I think impacts them but a few I have no idea  1 Syncing and Checking for errors -   Complex security affects this the most from what I can see, check security flag off speeds up a lot 2 Writing files -  Not sure what this is 3 Compiling java - Presubmly increases with the number of Java actions in the project 4 Exporting theme and Exporting pages - Exporting Pages takes a long time Any ideas are appreciated   
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A real-time virusscanner can sometimes severly impact performance for building. As an experiment, try turning off any realtime protection for your virusscanner (Windows 10 has this turned on by default) and see if that helps.