Form with multiple pages

I'm pretty new with Mendix and I have a question how I can create a form with multiple pages before commit. For example: I have a form page 1 and fill in a few fields, and then I want to continue on a second page. Going there by a button. After filling in the fields on the second page, I want to commit the objects. So my question is how do I do this, how do I configure the button to go to the second page and if a microflow needed, how to configurate it. Thanks :) Ferdy
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Hi Ferdy,

First I’d advise you to go through the Academy learnings, as much of the basic stuff (including creating “wizards” as you described her) are covered, and they’ll save you a lot of time and frustration :)

That being said: Microflows and pages (can) have parameters, meaning that you can create and pass and object from a page to a microflow and to another page (or microflow or whatever), thus achieving the flow you want to create. On the final page you can include a save button/microflow in which you commit the object. 

Good luck!