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I have a page in my app which I want to make accessible externally. So I set ‘URL’ property to it as ‘/loadingdashoboard’ . But As this page has a dataview, i am getting an error that URL should contain ‘ID’ at the end of URL.     So I modified the page URL to ‘/loadingdashboard/{Id}’ Now while calling the page , what value should I pass as ID ? As mentioned at , I should pass the ID for my entity (entity configured to dataview) . 
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Take a look at getGUID in the Community Commons module on the App Store. It will give you the ID you need.

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In your case instead of a page parameter, you can set a microflow as a datasource for your dataview and create the object in the datasource microflow. Setting the page url on a page without a page parameter will not require an id.

If you want to pass the object as a page parameter instead, you can use the deeplink module.