Link to download archived Mendix modeler

Dear Mendixer, I was trying to download the app DigiD from App Store. But when I tried to search it from Mendix studio pro 8.3, 7.8,6 and 6.0.1, it gave 0 results. The published date of this app is 11/12/2014, so I thought to download old Mendix modeler (a version which was released around the publish date of this app). But in the App Store, I didn’t find a link to download Mendix modeler older than version 6.0.1. So is it possible to get the Mendix modeler version that was released around 11/12/2014?  
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Hi Umesh,

  Assuming this module is made in Mendix 6, then what you really want to do is get the latest version of Mendix 6, which is 6.10.19 and can be found here. Mendix 6 was released at the end of 2015, so it may be possible this module was created in Mendix 5. Mendix only supports the last 2 major releases, so you wouldn’t want to download an older version.  Instead, Mendix will allow you to open an older module in a newer modeler so I’d recommend starting in Mendix 6. Beware, though, that there were some big Java changes between Mendix 5 and 6 as outlined here so the process may reveal some errors.  This module hasn’t been updated in many years, unfortunately, so there isn’t any guarantee that it will still work. You should be able to open it up, however, any maybe take some logic and re-create it in a new app.


Hello Umesh,

The DigiD app page does not have a download button on the page anymore, so I think there is no possibility to download at all. If you are still interested, you could check with the author of the module, Bart Poelmans ( using the `Contact me` button).