Overview of events per page (on change/on enter/on leave)?

Hi all, Is there a way in Mendix Modeler/Studio Pro (version 7.18.1 and up) to get an overview of all on change/on enter/on leave events that are present on a page? Thanks in advance for your answer. Best regards, Jeroen
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Hi Jeroen,

As far as I know this is not readily available. The information exists within the modeler, but you would have to work on the SDK to get it out. Your best option is to look at the page and every input field to check if there is an event, or do a ctrl+f search on the desired microflow prefix.


I would say it is worth your time to implement a folder structure: In your Pages folder make a folder per page, where all microflows are gathered that are available to the client. In here you can create an Events folder if there are multiple OCh, OEn and/or OLe miroflows to keep an overview.