One Listview filter updating more than one listview

As per the Domain Model below, I am trying to achieve a list of tasks that are filtered by association to an Asset. I also want to show the Task list in sections, grouped by the task attribute status. I also want to give the user the option of filtering these tasks further via a chosenTask milestone (dropdown list) and then refreshing the listview. I was able to partially resolve my problem using ... [TaskTracker.Task_Asset/TaskTracker.Asset/id='[%CurrentObject%]'] [Status='To_Do'] in the XPath constraint of the Task entity listview. This is filtering correctly on the current Asset object which is what I want. I have a number of Task entity listview as I use different constraints on the status attribute eg. [Status='To_Do'] and [Status='Running'] However, I also wanted to filter on the Task attribute MileStone. The ListView filter only works on the nearest entity and therefore only filters the first listview, not the ones below.  I would appreciate advice please.
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As said in an earlier question about this subject, create an helper entity for your custom search. Attach the helper entity to all four objects and make a form with all the fields you want to be able to search on and a button with a custom microflow that does the actual search. From the helper entity you can then retrieve for each object the selected objects and use the list operation to intersect all the lists. Let the microflow return the found objects to show to the end user.