Currency Format in Data Grid?

Hi – is it possible to format a Decimal field as currency (with dollar sign and comma) in a Data Grid? So far the widgets I’ve seen for formatting currency don’t seem to work in a data grid. Is it also possible to format (in a data grid) a Decimal field to show blank instead of zero?
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For adding the dollar sign, take a look at Simon Black's answer in

Give your curreny field a unique css class. In your CSS, do the following:

.MyClass :before { content: '$'; left: -5px; }

Change the content property to the type of currency needed

For hiding the zero’s you can use the AppstoreApp CellGridStyler.


Thanks … For the grid styler, I’m not familiar with Javascript. I tried to google how I would camouflage zeros to blanks but didn’t get far. Any tips?