How to build a Docker image?

Hi guys new to docker and playing around. I am stuck at point 3 of What I have done is; 1 – in docker-mendix-buildpack\build i have pasted the main folder MxProject-main 2 – git bash command runned; docker build --build-arg BUILD_PATH MxProject-main -t outputfile   Got this error; unable to prepare context: unable to evaluate symlinks in Dockerfile path: GetFileAttributesEx C:\Users\Enz\Documents\Mendix\mx-docker-test\docker-mendix-buildpack\build\MxProject-main\outputfile: The system cannot find the file specified.   Question; Can someone give a little more detailed info, if possible with example commands to create an image?  
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Did you miss the “=” in your build command? (You may need to specify the exact path relative to the Dockerfile as well)

 --build-arg BUILD_PATH=”./build/MxProject-main”