unable to convert 7.16.0 to 7.23.8

Hello, We have an app that was built on 7.16.0 version of Mendix. We created a branch from it and added some new features but to do so we had to convert the branch from 7.16.0 to 7.23.8 which was fine. Now the work is done and we are looking to merge back to the mainline but when we try to convert the mainline from 7.16.0 to 7.23.8 it now says that collaboration via studio modeller has been enabled and we are unable to commit the conversion, merge it the the updated branch or even as it advises open it in the studio modeller. It simply states that “Cannot connect to the repository and commit changes; please try again in a few minutes”. If you try open the studio modeller it states “We have new updates for Version 7.23.8 but you need to upgrade” it then fails to upgrade every time.  Can anyone help?  
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Some suggestions you might try: create again a branch from 7.16.0 and mark that branch as to be used by the studio modeler. Double check if your main line is now free of the studio modeler. You can then try the merge again to see if it then works.

Other option would be to do what is stated in this forum post: https://forum.mendix.com/link/questions/8380 but I only would use that one as last resort (note that here they moved main line to branch but the other way around is offcourse also possible with this method).