Nested data not showing when using Mendix 8.4

We are looking at upgrading from 8.3 to 8.4, but we've come across a problem when trying to show nested data on a page. We build up a number of objects and commit them in a microflow before calling Show Page. The entities are 4 levels deep from the parent. We find if we go 3 levels deep, data seems to be there. Also if we force another commit on an already commited object with a 1 to 1 relationship this seems to also make things work. All the data looks OK when we single step the page, it just fails to find the data when we Show Page. However, if we reload the page (not using the microflow, but the id of the parent entity) it finds all the data correctly. It feels like the runtime and client are out of sync. Before we raise a bug report, has anyone else come across this? It's fine in 8.3.
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