Merge/Commit conflict

Hi,   After merging a side branch to the main branch I got an information message about file conflicts (in the file system)  but without any error on the errors tab. When I’m trying to commit my changes I’m getting the following message: “One or more files are conflicted. Please user TortoiseSVN to resolve these conflicts.” I didn’t work out of the modeler – any ideas why I’m getting it and what should be the next steps? BTW – I was trying to download TortoiseSVN from but can’t choose the required version (1.7), only the latest one.   Thanks ahead!
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Hi Sima,

You can download SVN from Link

After downloading the desired version you directly goto the project directory and remove the conflict and re-commit the changes.

Tip: Don't forgot to clean-up SVN repo(right and look for the option clean up ) if it doesn’t work.



Thanks a lot, I’ll try.

How should I remove the conflict? ‘Resolved’ is the right way to do it?