Project Check-out fails / not working

I installed Mendix Studio Pro 8.4.3 an wanted to download an app we are working on. The checkout step ran for a very long time and eventually ran into an error as the host timed out the connection. I had the same result with an earlier version of Mendix Studio Pro. The checkout of any app never succeeded. I have also git and a WAMP server installed on my Windows 10 machine. Could this cause any issues? Any hints are appreciated.
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It seems that something on your computer is cutting of the connection. As a workaround you could let somebody else create the branch so you only have to download it. And I would advise to raise a support ticket with the full stacktrace.

Did you install Tortoise on your machine and if so which version?



[EDIT]  See the documentation here:

This might indeed be a clue to the problem.