Mendix sprinter not updated after migration

Hi, Anyone has any idea on how does the Mendix sprinter get updated after the migration. After migrating from 7.23.4 to 8.4.1, we still see the mendix version as 7.23.4, any one has any idea, why we see this? Also, how do we know whether the Cloud versions has the 8.23.4 changes deployed, any specific functionality which we can compare in Cloud? Thanks, Venu    
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Just a couple of question and remarks:

Did you commit the project after the migration? If you did you should see the latest commit in sprinter un der ‘Teamserver’ bellow the commit comment it will state the latest version.

Also if you deploy the commited version to the cloud you can see the Mendix version under ‘Deploy’ > environments in sprinter. You can see someting like this: