Control bar of list view

Hi All, We are using list view in our application. However, it seems it does not have control bar to add any action button. How do i tackle this? 
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Sometimes, you can use a TemplateGrid instead. It has a control bar and search optins like the datagrid.

If templategrid does not work for any reason, you could checkout the AppStore. There is a module called List view Controls. Maybe that helps.


Indeed a listview has no control bar. It allows you to show data of the objects in the form of a template rather then with columns as with a datagrid. It also gives you option for editability.

To add buttons to the listview there are a couple of options;

You can either place a button within a template. This will give you the option to give the object to a microflow or nanoflow as a parameter.

You can place buttons above the listview, for example a creation button can be placed there.

Also you have listview controls in the appstore: this will give you some of the option that the control bar of a datagrid has.