Data Grid with Source as Microflow - Cannot Choose Associated Attributes As Grid Column?

Hi – I have a data grid using microflow as a source. I cannot set a grid column to an associated attribute. Is this behavior by design? Is there another way I can pull an associated attribute and still use a microflow as a data source? In this case, I have a many to one relationship, where I’m showing the entity “one” side in the grid but need to show an attribute from the “many” entity? And a microflow is needed to populate the grid due to business logic ...
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With microflow source, you cannot access associated entity as it is simply not retrieved in the microflow. However, you may re-consider if you really need the microflow data source?
If your requirement is to filter data or apply any constraints, then choose XPath data source. You can use any XPath query to meet your business logic. With XPath source, you can access attributes of associated entity and display them in a column of your datagrid.