String Building - New line / Emails

I am sending an email which, basically speaking, gives a summary of an object and some associated object. Let’s say I have Entity1 which is associated to many of Entity2 (1-*).  I have an email helper entity. One of its attribute is an unlimited string which is going to capture some information about all the associated Entity2s. I use a microflow to say. “String = String + Entity2/attribute1 + Entity2/attribute2” and this loops through all the Entity2s (obviously there’s spacing and things added to tidy up). However, I need the email to be readable. So ideally I want the format to be: “Entity2-1      Attribute1: Value      Attribute2: Value      Attribute3: Value Entity2-2      Attribute1: Value...“   When creating the placeholder string , I use a string which takes a new line (return key). So: ‘ ‘ This renders in an info message within the mendix app but not when used in an email. So essentially, I’m asking how to get a single long string to process new lines in an email using the email template module?
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Hi Gregor,

You can use the <br> html tag for this, which creates a line break. For multiple line brakes, simply use multiple br tags (between objects for instance).

Good luck!