Stop dojo/Mendix adding JS event listeners

Does anyone know how we can stop javascript event listeners being automatically added to the document? We have a strange issue on iOS12 whereby if a ‘touchstart’ event is added to the parent page, then any inputs within an iframe on that page will no longer work. After lots of investigation it appears to be a known bug with iOS12, and can be fixed by adding a separate touchstart event to the iframe content iteself. Unfortunately we don’t control the content of the iframe in this case, so we need a way to stop the ‘touch events’ from being added by Mendix (presumably Dojo) You can see this happening in your apps if you view event listeners via dev tools in the browser. They are being added in mxui.js, but it appears that this file is generated in runtime, and we can’t find how to update it. We are using Mendix 8.3.0 if that’s of any help.
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if(/iPad|iPhone|iPod/.test(navigator.userAgent) && !window.MSStream;){
    document.ontouchmove = function(event) {

Or a global delegate stopping propagation on detecting this event

Or better yet, using server/client side user agent detection just redirect the users to a Samsung or whatever site so they can get normal phone :)