Share Microflow is deprecated.

Model Share is deprecated and will be discontinued by March 31st, 2020. This means it will no longer be possible to upload microflows to and download them from Model Share.   How do you share your microflows with users (f.i. testers) who wants to have a overview of a microflow but not have the Studio installed? I did like the Model Share because the microflow i shared where clickable and the user could see some extra information.  So i am looking for a new way to get users involved without asking them to install Studio Pro. Any ideas?
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Hans, for teams working together on one app we have the combination of Mendix Studio Pro and Mendix Studio available.

I think the scenario you describe can very well be solved using Mendix Studio instead of Modelshare.

You could ask the Tester to view the microflow in Mendix Studio, while you’re working in Studio Pro. And the tester does not have to install any software, Mendix Studio is an online tool.

  • The benefit of this is that the tester can also use the Buzz in Studio to add specific comments to the microflow.
  • If you’d like to keep control of what the team members in Studio can change or not, you could point Studio to a dedicated branch (documentation here)



I also have my doubt. It was such a usefull feature in the forum to quickly build something and show it to them in a forum post.





Hey Hans!

Agree, but it was not used too often – round about 250 times someone mentioned a ‘’ URL in the forum posts.

However, it is a nice tool to quickly share without exporting and having issues with imports that are downward-compatible etc.

We will see :(


Hans, you're so right. It is a very nice feature allthough used less then I expected.

An alternative is to create an app just for the purpose of sharing and invite them to it.