What about the Serverside paging suggested upon creating a datasource-microflow?

Where is this going: and it generates an entity specialization of System.Paging: It seems only half finished currently. Any ideas if this is something that will be available any time soon?
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This was released in 8.2

It is often very useful to use the data grid with a microflow (for example, to retrieve data from another system). However, in previous versions, there was a big pain point here: when using a microflow as data source, you did not have the option to do server-side sorting or paging. This was much-needed functionality for UX and performance. Good news! In this release, we have made it possible to do server side-sorting and paging when using a microflow as a data source in a data grid.

How does this work? Well, we used the approach of generating the model for you, so that it works out-of-the-box with a single click. You also have the flexibility to fully customize this if needed.

To make this possible, we introduced a new system entity for paging that contains information about the current page and sorting. When selecting a microflow, you will now be asked whether the controls should be generated.

This feature generates a data view around your data grid, creates the widgets and nanoflows, and adds the paging object as an input to your microflow. We nicely organized and named this, so your app will not be polluted. You are now ready to use these parameters for your integration (for example, when calling a REST service).

This approach is also fully flexible, so you have more control of the look and feel. For example, you can also move the paging controls below the grid or change the buttons.

To make everyone even happier, in the next release, we will also generate all of the search controls for you!