Assignment Workflow

Newbie here with first Mendix app. I am working on creating an app that creates request packet for procurement. This request packet gets created by a user with a role of “Requestor” and after providing some information, this packet moves to another user with a different role “procurement officer”. Who then reviews and provides applicable information. Then this packet moves to “Legal Officer” who will review it for legalilty and add any legal information (such as uploading company policy document). And then this packet moves to “Approver” who then provides final approval.  So far I have created wizard with 6 steps in order to create this request packet and have implemented document upload feature as well. I am now at point where I need to assign this packet to the next user (i.e. procurement officer) who can then take over and move it forward. Below is my setup: - Created RequestPacket entity various attributes like name, title, cost, ownername, assignedto, etc. - Created Item entity where the item(s) being requested are stored.  - Created Member entity (specialization of Administration.Account) where the users are stored and new user registration creates users.  - Created AssignedTo entity ((specialization of Administration.Account) so when the request packet gets assigned, it can be updated.  - All of them have 1 – * association with RequestPacket with RequestPacket being the owner I need to be able to do the following: - Assign the RequestPacket to different users during its life until final approval - Show dashboard for each user based on the role. For example, Requestor should be able to see his packets and see who it is assigned to and the current status. Other users (i.e. Legal Officer) should be able to see the packets assigned to them and edit them. etc Please note that I have basic skeleton of this working where I can move request packet through all those steps but getting stuck at assigning them to another user and updating the assignment information. Can you suggest on Domain Model layout so I can verify my layout and also how to implement this workflow?   Thanks a bunch in advance!!
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