Add Columns to your app: Rapid Developer (Developer) academy course Module 3.4

After adjusting columns to (col-sm-6) on module 3.4, when I switch to design mode, I still have one row for both tablet and phone layouts when it needs to be (4 rows  1 column) for phone and (2 rows 2 columns) for tablet. Could someone please help me see what I am missing in this step? I have retried it multiple times and still get the same result. Thank you very much.
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This bit, steps 2, 3, 4, and 5, should do the trick:

.2 The fastest way to achieve this, is to delete the existing layout grid and place a new one. Select the bottom layout grid and delete it. Click the white square in the top left corner of the layout grid and press Delete on your keyboard.

.3 Go to the Toolbox pane. In the Widgets section, search for the Layout grid widget.

.4 Drag and drop it below the LearnNow Training Management container (where the layout grid you just deleted used to be).

.5 You will be prompted to select your preferred layout. Select the 3,3,3,3 option. This will create a layout grid with four columns. All four columns will have a weight of 3 and the total weight of the row will add up to 12.


So you need not add styling ‘col-sm-6’ yourself, you only create 4 columns each having weight 3.