How can I filter MindSphere Asset View By Parent Asset ID?

Hello, I’m a University student working for Siemens and would like to incorporate MindSphere functionality in my Mendix app. So far, I have an asset view component on my homepage which loads all MindSphere assets into a list, then once we click on one of the assets, we go to the asset details page. In this page I want to display all children of the selected asset. So we have an asset view component again and I would like to just load children of the selected asset in previous page. How can I add a filter on this asset view component to filter assets based on their parent asset id? I can filter asset view component based on asset-type but not parentId. I could not find any documents on your website about more advanced filters.
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There is a demo app in the appstore:

And there is also some tutorials about mindsphere:

But have not used mindsphere myself. Normally I would advise to use a dataview that listens to the selected object. And from there you can use a datagrid again to retrieve all the children that are attached to the object in that dataview.






The used “MDSP Asset View” is based on the Mindsphere WebComponents described here:
Unfortunately the component does only support filtering based on AssetTyp not parent asset id.

Maybe you could use the tree – view mode of the component on your home screen. Child assets are then shown in a tree. This will also keep the master / detail pattern.