Microflow -> false branch of decision -> flow is not accepted by origin or destinatio

I have a decision in a microflow that checks a condition. If it evaluates to true, the flow continues to the next action in the flow. If it evaluates to false, I want it to skip the action immediately after the decision (attached to the true branch), and continue with the one following it. Console inducates an error with the false branch reading “Flow is not accepted by origin or destination”. Any idea why I can’t simply skip an action based on evaluation of condition? Thanks Action1 → Decision – true → Action2 → Action3 → [rest of microflow]                                   \_ false________________↑
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You need something like this:

Most microflow actions can only accept 1 arrow in and 1 arrow out.   However, the Merge activity can accept as many arrows in as required for your microflow.