Caption Fallback text for empty associations

Hi, I have a Checkbox control where I want the name of an association to be set as the caption of the checkbox. I have it configured like this: As you can see, I specified a Fallback text “(empty)” for the case that the template does not have an associated value. The documentation states: “You can specify a fallback text for text templates, which will be displayed if there is no available data to fill in the template.” When I run my example with an empty association I get the following result: As you can see, although the association is empty and therefor no data is available, no fallback text is displayed. The result I expected would be that the caption of the checkbox now states “(empty)” like specified as the fallback text.   Am I doing something wrong? Thanks Tobias
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Just a guess: Does it trip over "empty" being a reserved word? Try some other text like "no selectable entry available."