Nav Item- Open Link - Role Based Visability

Hi, I’d like to add a nav item that opens a link to external site however i can’t seem to limit it to a particular user role (as it’s not a flow or page), its available for everyone. This link needs to be only visible for one user role. Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks, Andy
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Seems to be impossible bt it’s worth adding it to the idea forum.

A possible workaround would be to call a microflow that is limited to certain userroles. This microflow can open a page with a redirect.


It is not possible to do with external pages as you can not call show-page actions in microflows with a defined url.

There might be a rather complicated work around:

you might need to replace the navigation widget with containers and buttons that you have to style to look like a navigation, the buttons call microflows or pages and maybe you can use a java action in a microflow to open the external page. a lot of maybes and a cumbersome approach


Thanks for replies

I’d prefer not to mess with the navigation widget as we have lots of roles and it’s very easy to manage.

I thought I could do it from a nanoflow but it looks like it can’t call javascript in our current version 7.23.5, it’s in the documentation though so looks to have been introduced