Crash Course - running mock service at same time as application

Hi, I’m following the Crash Course here  The course gets me to create a MockHrService project to act as a REST service endpoint.  This is a separate project to my main app, which needs to make use of this service.  How do I run both projects at the same time – or make use of the mock service alongside my app?  Using Studio Pro I can only run one project at a time, so the mock service isn’t there when my app calls it. Thanks
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Hi Andrew,

You can open multiple Studio Pro windows (one with your MockHrService App and the SummerhillHospital App from the Crash Course).

In module 3.4.2  ‘Starting Up your MockHR Service‘ (Step 6) you have set the MockHRService project to have the Runtime port: 8079 and Admin port: 8089 whereas your SummerhillHospital app will have the default Runtime port: 8080 and Admin port: 8090.

You can then run both Applications locally at the same time (F5 button).


Hi Andrew, just change the port number for one of your application 

by navigate to Project-->settings-->Configuration-->DBserver(Default/Your server)-->Server-->Change the port number


Like “8080”  to  “8085” and for admin “8090” to “8095”


Hope this helps!