list view sort order is reset automatically when page going back

Hi I made a bulletin board. and i set the list of posts order by date descending, it work well at first, but when i view other page and get back this list page, then the order is resetted so it roder by date ascending. i don’t know why this happen and how can i fix it.      
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Hi Jisu,

This looks like a bug to me! To be sure: in the animated screenshot, you only navigate around and are not sorting, right? And by “navigating back” you are using the browser’s back button, and then the default sorting is “forgotten”?

If this is the case, you could create a small app to reproduce this bug and submit this to the Mendix support via

For now, to patch it, you could try different datasources, as the bug could be because of the database source, try:

  • using XPath, then functionally is almost the same (not available offline)
  • or try using a nanoflow/microflow as datasource and do the sorting in the retrieve there  (nanoflow may be available offline)

Good luck!



Hi all, I seem to have stumbled upon a similar issue. I tried Johan's patches, but using a micro/nanoflow to create the sorted list means that the pagination widget cannot function. Tweeking a little more from here I soon discovered that when I deleted the pagination widget, and using the data list view with an XPath source (as per the orignal design) the issue dissapeared: When going from and back to the page using the browser back button the listview does not "forget" the sorting, or at least has the sorting in order. Thus I conclude that the pagination widget is somehow interfering with the sort order functionallity. I wonder if anyone has found a solution that enables pagination.