[SOLVED] Rapid Developer (Developer), Module 3.4.1

Hello, I’m on Module 3.4.1 of the Rapid Developer (Developer) learning path. I’m on steps 8 and 9 of “Add Columns to Your App.” The steps have some inaccuracies. There’s also two “Steps 9.” Before I get to steps 8 and 9, I just wan to mention that step 6 says, “The layout for desktop and mobile is, but the one for tablet still needs some work.” This is incorrect. At this point, only the desktop layout is correct, but both the mobile and tablet layouts need some work. Step 8 is: Double-click the left most column of the new layout grid to open its properties. Step 9 is: Under the tab Appearance, set the Class to col-sm-6. This will make the column display as a column of weight 6 on a tablet device. The next step (which is also labeled “Step 9”) is to repeat the process for the next three columns. Once you do that and switch to “Design Mode,” nothing has changed. Can someone help with this?
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Hi Dante, if that did not work for you. You have other way it will work

  1. Add a widget layout widget with single column
  2. right click the layout and add a new column on right
  3. double click one of the column and change the value to ‘6’ and same for next column as the overall size should always be 12


Hope this helps!