List view inside data view association not working

Hi Community, I have 2 entities with one-many association.  Movie and Review. I am adding a review, So In the create object page, selecting the movie from the drop down.  Also confirmed by checking the queries below, shows that Movie has reference in the review_movie table.     INSERT INTO "myfirstmodule$movie" VALUES(8162774324625435,'13 Nov 2009',NULL,NULL,'Roland Emmerich',NULL,'Earth') INSERT INTO "myfirstmodule$review" VALUES(21673573206721218,4,'Good movie','Good movie') INSERT INTO "myfirstmodule$review_movie" VALUES(21673573206721218,8162774324625435)   I am having a list view (review) inside data view(movie), but the list view is always empty.   Not sure what i am missing. ?
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Instantiated means that the object is new and not yet saved in the database. So indeed if you would query the database you would not find it. Did you forget to do a commit somewhere?





Figured out the cause.. A microflow is being called from Data view,  I debugged and I could see that the “id” field of Movie object is different in “INSTANTIATED” state and it was not matching with the one in the query.

Meanwhile when the microflow was called from List view or Template grid, the “id” field of Movie is matching with the query and the object is in NORMAL state ?

How id changes between NORMAL and INSTANTIATED state.. ?