Error 404 , File Not found for file: Openid/login, Log node: Connector

I cleared cache in my browser,my after startup “MendixSSO.MendixSSO_AfterStartup” is enabled. But still I am not being able to open my app in browser or mobile. It says the local host page can’t be found. I found a similar post comment [Open the index.html page in the theme folder of your project and where it reads something like /sso/login change this to /login.html in the script section ] But my theme folder look like this. And I have no idea how to open index.html page. Could anyone please help me. Thank YOU!
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Open the directory on your file system where the project is located. You can use the option from studio pro under the menu project>go to project directory in explorer.

The browse to the theme folder and there you’ll find the index.html file.